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Coaching Session 1: Circular Rotation
Circular Rotation
First we're going to look at how you can use circular rotation to generate seemingly effortless power in your golf swing... Increasing your distance without strain or injury.
Coaching Session 1: Circular Rotation
Unrestricted Hinge
Next I'll share the secret of Iron Byron's "unrestricted hinge", showing you how trying harder is actually killing your swing AND your accuracy!.
Coaching Session 1: Circular Rotation
Constant Forward Tilt
In this coaching session, you'll learn how the angle of your spine actually "steers" your shot... By using this simple technique you'll begin to gain CONSISTENT accuracy!
Coaching Session 1: Circular Rotation
Grip Correction
In this video I share with you some of the common mistakes many players make with their grip... And how this one adjustment can drastically improve your game!
Coaching Session 1: Circular Rotation
Perfect Posture
There's a formula for perfect swing posture... And in this video, I'm going to give you some quick adjustments that you can use on the course today to start lowering your score...
Coaching Session 1: Circular Rotation
Setup Stance
Stance is more than just where you put your feet or how you bend your knees... Without just the right stance, your swing has no solid reliable base. In this video I'm going to jumpstart your stance with a few simple tips!
Coaching Session 1: Circular Rotation
Consistent Alignment
Just like a car with poor alignment will veer off the road, if your body's alignment isn't consistent, your ball will slice right off the fairway... So here's my favorite technique for getting consistent alignment...
Coaching Session 1: Circular Rotation
Touch Legs
You want the secret to incredible follow-through?
The key is in your legs! I break it down in this coaching session that will set your groundwork for perfect follow-through!
Coaching Session 1: Circular Rotation
Circular Rotation
First we're going to look at how you can use circular rotation to generate seemingly effortless power in your golf swing... Increasing your distance without strain or injury.
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In these free videos and quickstart guides, I'm going to show you some of the biggest discoveries I've uncovered over the past 35 years...

These are tips and techniques that will jumpstart getting your golf swing to the next level the very next time you play golf...

These include:

The 3 Fundamental Principles of Replicating Iron Byron's Swing...

     1. How To to Generate Super-Human Power From Circular Rotation

     2. How Trying Harder Is Killing Your Swing

     3. How The Tilt of Your Spine Steers Your Shot

Plus the Six most common mistakes golfers make...
You will learn how to avoid common pitfalls including:

     1. The Secret to Correcting an Imbalanced Grip

     2. Quick Tips for Perfect Swing Posture

     3. The Ideal Setup Stance

     4. How To Get Consistent Alignment

     5. Why Your Legs Are The Key To Follow-Through

     6. The Perfect Takeaway for a Consistent Backswing

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Here are some unsolicited comments about Paul's Teaching:

Paul Wilson understands the golf swing as well as anyone that I have experienced in my life time of golf and I commend him for his teaching skills. He has helped me to understand also and I can't wait to get out and try his suggestions.

John L. Wells

Thanks for the lessons and tips (superb). I have been playing golf for 26 years and I have attained a handicap of 10 (through sheer hard work and practice). Now I am starting to understand the mechanics of the swing, through your knowledge and skill. hopefully I may be able to get to single figures for the 1st time in my life (9.7 three times).

This for me is probably the best site on the net. So thanks again…

John Davis (Jaydee) - United Kingdom

Great advice. It's not practice thats going to make my game better, but it's perfect practice that will do so and you have provided great tips that will do so. Thanks for sharing such great advice.


Since taking on board your tips I have improved my confidence to the point I no longer fear an error. Practice on the range to me is to work on my stroke only.The course is in my mind the only place when the score actually counts that we get to really put in play what you teach. I am a realist and understand that it takes at least 3-6 months of constant correct repetition in a real situation to change a bad habit with our game. I have dropped 4 strokes since adopting some of your methods and feel confident now that in time I will get to my goal of a 15 handicap golfer.


Would like to say thanks for putting your lessons out for hacks like me to view. I've bought all your lessons so far and it's really starting to click for me. I've actually started to have fun again playing this game. My drives are going pretty much where I want, my mid range shots need some work- I either come up a tad short or a bit over the green but I'll get there. Putting is dialing in from 15' or closer, love that 2' golden circle. But mainly it's fun again and sometimes almost scary, if I hit a lot of good shots during a round( more than before your lessons) I have my wife drive us home 'cause I know something has to be wrong. LOL. Again I say thank you for I do see my game improving every round. D. B. Rancho Cordova, Ca.


Thanks for the tip on swinging with the correct grip. This worked for me in all phases of the game.

Bill Ditty

Not enough can be said about staying relaxed throughout the swing. It is so important to be able to make smooth balanced swings with minimal tension. Paul uses this as the main premise towards a successful swing. How many times have you all become more tense when standing over a shot that really mattered to you? The relaxed position of the left arm is what you really need to begin developing the feel on the course of playing this great game with less tension.

Glenn Bowers

After many years with a huge slice, your tutorials are the best I have experienced. Your analogies of Iron Byron give me great mental pictures to take to the driving range. Get this, I am right hand dominate, but swing left handed! I am finally understanding not to overpower with my arms. Thank you so much. I am looking forward to having fun come back into my game of golf.

Dave T Gage

Thanks for your tips. Everything you teach me is doing wonder for me, I am down from 22 to 18 handicap and my shots are most straighter (drives specially).


This is quite excellent..... and shows one how to RELAX, remain focused and let it happen. I shall use your suggestion when next out on the course. THANK YOU for SHARING PAUL...... may your life be all that you desire as you give so much to others. Sincerely,

Paul Carrier

Paul thanks for putting together a great video lesson series, it's one of the best golf instruction videos I've seen.

I'm now just waiting for my invite to come Bears Best.


I've been watching the videos and practicing. My game has improved tremendously. granted this is only my second year playing golf but, everyone can see the difference. Got the basic fundamental down and when I slice or hit the ball fat I know what I did wrong and correct. The most important thing I still remember is to relax which is hard when my buddies are hitting 300 plus, competitive gene in me. I'm straight and hit more fairways now,my friends say that I also lay up now, I call it playing smarter. consistent and straight. Thanks!


To say the least I'm Impressed. I been golfing for 10 years now and in the last month or two, watching your videos, I know more about the golf swing and fixes and faults than I learned in the previous 9 years 10 months. Thank you for concern and dedication to get the information out. I have applied many of your tips to the PPGS swing and it feels great. I can't wait to get out to the course and see the results. My practice swings are more controlled and definitely powered by the legs. It feel that I have taken the arms out of the equation and my grip and stance are dead on using your suggestions. I have purchased Swing Machine Golf and I am very satisfied with the product quality and the easy to understand information. For what ever reason I get your presentation. I am now realizing that others have said some of the same things ( in a different way) that you do but I didn't understand it or didn't know how to properly apply it. I have no such problem with your instruction. Keep up the good work. I look forward to gleaning all the information I can from you.

Thanks again,


This is the first explanation that has made sense to me. I can't wait to try the suggestions out. Thank you. I saved this lesson so I can come back to it again.


Best explanation for grip, stance, athletically ready I have ever heard. To have it on one video is fantastic. I know you have given us previous videos on grip,etc., but to have this all on one is great. Nice job.

Dom B.

Paul can explain it better than most. Lot's of golfers and pros can execute well but they just can't explain what they are doing or only partially. Paul seems to nail all the subtleties of golf. I used to wonder if I should just drop the game because it was so frustrating but I finally am starting to enjoy it. Heck I might even start keeping score.


Great tips on the grip and set up, I took this to the range and transformed my game, I have practiced with these tips for a couple of weeks and feel very comfortable with them now.
Thank you for helping my game!


Wow this is great instruction. I can not wait for our OHIO season to begin and I can practice these on the course and share them with my golf team. The bunker lesson is WONDERFUL!!!!!! Keep up the good work
peace be with you,

Coach Ahrns

Paul is the very best instructor i have ever seen. Bought all his DVD's, they are excellent. I have told all my friends to save their golf lessons and get these DVD's and you'll be strokes ahead, I know, I have seen the results.

Joe Davis

OMG Paul... sometimes I hit maybe 3 fairways... well, at Arizona Traditions, shot a 86, I hit 9 FAIRWAYS… OMG, better than the Toyota feeling... didn't think that would ever be possible with 6 pars and 1 bird… that was on Sat, 3/12 then today 3/14, @ Sun City Country Club, AZ, shot a 85, 7 fairways, 7 pars and 1 bird... Paul I can't thank You ENOUGH!

Bandaid Banditt

I understand the importance of using your lower body. Is there a sequence or timing drill for when you start the lower body rotation in relation to the downswing?

If I missed it in your videos, I'll review them ALL. I love them!


Again you give us all a simple to understand tip. When I get some change saved up I will definitely be driving up to see you and enroll in one of your golf schools. By then I hope that all I need from you are some tune up instructions.


Your videos and explanations are great because they explain why I need to grip and swing in a particular manner. This is the first time that I have clearly understood "why". It has helped me tremendously and I have dropped 5 strokes in a couple of weeks! I am still struggling with one thing though and that is how far do I stand from the ball consistently for each club. Can you do a video tip on that? Thanks.


Great job!!!Thank you. This tip really works...an awesome explanation about the influence of a strong or weak grip...

From Brazil
Carlos Augusto

Wow, what a tip/lesson today paul… you just gave your followers $100 + lesson for 0... many thanks, you're a breath of fresh air in the golf world (not pushin' gimmicks/quick - temporary fixes). Cheers!


I have been watching over the past 3 weeks pretty carefully... going to the range every other day...finding your instruction(s) easy to incorporate…invaluable!!! Particularly rolling the wrists with right wrist getting through ball prior to left wrist... progress slow, but demonstrable!!!!

Thank You Very Much... glad to have found your online school!!

Dan Mitchell

These are must tips for anyone who wants to play great gulf and enjoy their golf game.

Thank you for great tips like this. I am sure it will help me improve my game.

Kirit Mehta

That must be the best video you have done. Excellent information and very clearly explained.
Best wishes,


Paul what a great lesson. You have helped me so much with my golf game. I am a new golfer and have picked up many bad habits, slowly with your help, I am getting rid of them and improving. Set-up, stance, grip I am working on and have made a big difference.


I have been watching your golf tip videos on line since you took over. I am a high handicapper thats has taken onboard a lot of tips you have gave, a few have worked already and I'm looking forward to the new season and bringing my handicap down a bit more.

I would like to thank you for all your help, and look forward to all your
advice in the future.

Yours Sincerely,

Eric Williamson - Edinburgh, Scotland

Great presentation! I really don't slice the ball too much. My main problem is my grip. Usually I'll play 18 holes with my dad and after my right wrist is often very, very sore. I really believe if I hold the club like you are telling us I will be more consistent on my drives as well as hit the ball better! Thanks!


This advice is right on. I was dead awful on my slice. But, by doing the few things Paul suggested, I am hitting further and straighter than ever before.


This tip is the best and most complete one-session tip you have ever produced. It addressed all the elements of a good swing. I would suggest that all your tips run the same length to ensure that you cover all the swing elements. As a 70 year old avid golfer, I really hope that I can physically apply these elements. I can see that this tip also applies to all full swing clubs in the bag and look forward to spring.


This was a great review for people like me after going to the practice range. I could easily understand where I was in learning to handle the grip,set-up and foot width. It also reminded me to watch where my chest was pointing. I was having trouble with wanting to hit with my arms instead of the legs and body. More practice. I'm really having fun with this at age, young 75. My game will really be helped as I review your lessons. The logic and analysis is easily understood. Thanks!

Roy Cook Sr.

Paul, between your Full Swing videos and your daily tips I have seen significant improvement in my game. Your form of instruction really works for me. Thank you very much.


Best, most patient explanation(s) I have ever seen. I am a 8.5 and this caused a close examination of some deteriorating swing actions. Also am getting older (68) and these pieces are helping a re-anchoring of swing thoughts... on the practice field.

Two Down

Paul - great instruction regarding the right hand grip - in 40 years of playing golf, I have never before seen the focus on the middle joint. I have 'weakened' my grip and, after years of hitting draws/hooks, I am now hitting the ball straight. Thanks,


Hey Paul, you need to be on the golf channel with you own golf fix, thanks!

Phillip Banks

Paul… Absolutely solid advice and teaching!! Thanks.


Paul, you are the greatest!!!!!!YOU ARE... I have your video, and have improve my scoring and it's made my game so enjoyable... I have passed your name to all the golfers that could use your expert instruction... especially the 80's 90's and plus golfer... scratch golfers could improve their game I believe... I'm 77 and my golf game has taken on new meaning.

Edgar Lewis